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8th Edition Aeronautical Chart User's Guide (ASA-CUG)

Federal Aviation Administration

National Aeronautical Charting Office NACO

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of a certain chart feature or symbol? Go beyond the standard chart legends with this comprehensive guide!

Using and understanding aeronautical charts is an essential skill for every pilot.

This updated 8th Edition of the Aeronautical Chart User's Guide by the FAA's National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) is the definitive learning aid, reference document, and introduction to the wealth of information provided on aeronautical charts and other NACO publications.

Among other changes, the 8th Edition includes the following updated information:

TFR Areas Relating to National Security
Air Defense Identification Zones (ADIZs)
Washington DC Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ)

Includes reference and legends for:

Visual Flight Rules (VFR) charts
Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) enroute charts
Terminal Procedures Publications (TPP)
Current airspace classes
Complete chart legends for all charts with explanations

This guide is an excellent reference book for novice and experienced pilots alike.

International pilots can also use this book to familiarize themselves with U.S. charts.