Flight Simulator Hardware

Hobby Flight


Hobby Flight manufactures a wide range of Flight Simulation hardware and their speciality is components such as Flight Instruments and Gauges, Switches and customised panels, all aimed at the Do-It-Yourself Virtual Aviation Enthusiast.

Of great interest is the South African developed and manufactured mobile flight simulator. Click here to read all about it.

Below is a list of the various items manufactured by Hobby Flight

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Product code Description
DH-111-51-S/### Single Pointer USB Gauge
DH-111-51-D/### Dual Pointer USB Gauge
DH-112-51 16 Input USB Switch Interface
DH-113-51/B Aluminium Selector Knob Black
DH-113-51/N Aluminium Selector Knob Naural
DH-113-52/B Aluminium Rotary Selector Knob Black
DH-114-51 Generic Rocker Switch
DH-115-51 Generic Overhead Panel
DH-115-51/K Generic Overhead Panel Kit




Single Pointer USB Gauge
Product Code: DH-111-51-S/ASI (Airspeed Indicator)

Single Pointer USB Gauge
Product Code: DH-111-51-S/RPM

Single Pointer USB Gauge rear view

Aluminium Selector Knob Black
Product Code: DH-113-51/B

Aluminium Selector Knob Natural
Product Code: DH-113-51/N

Aluminium Rotary Selector Knob Black
Product Code:

16 Input USB Switch Inteface Board
Product Code: DH-112-51