Equipment required

The PC equipment required depends to a certain extent on the type of flying you are going to do i.e. solo in the comfort of your own home or at a meet with other pilots, all connected on a LAN (Local Area Network).

In the motor car fraternity there is the saying "there is no substitute for cubic inches"

This can be applied to using PCs for games. A PC with a fast CPU (2GHz or higher) and capable of multi-tasking is a good thing if you wish to have a system that is responsive and does not "freeze up or lag".


A good amount of system memory, RAM, is also necessary, a minimum of 2GB is recommended.

The various Flight Simulation software programmes give the minimum PC requirements on the box. Try to buy a bit better than recommended.


A good quality fast Graphics Card for good viewing pleasure is essential. It shoul have a minimum of 512kb memory.

If you are going to be flying at meets the your PC must be Network ready, with high speed network card.

A Sound Card is essential.

A large 24-inch high resolution flat screen monitor is ideal.

We suggest that before you rush out and purchase hardware/software/equipment etc you have a chat to the Aviation Shop personell or friends who will advise you on suitable PC related hardware to suit your needs.


When flying at meets your hardware and sodtware will need to meet the specifications and requirements as laid down by the club you will be flying at. All pilots will need to have the same version of Flight Simulation software and background sceneray installed on their computers. This ensures you are all "in the same movie" so to speak.

A typical list of Club Hardware, Software and other specifications/requirements would be the following:

PC Software

Windows XP service pack 2 or 3 or Windows 7

Original Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 CD with version 9.1 update installed

Click here to go to Microsoft for more details

Up to date Anti Virus software

Compatible scenery and aircraft approved by the club

TeamSpeak for voice communication accross the network

ATC Radar Screen for Aircraft Traffic Controllers

Other Hardware

LAN (Local Area Network) cable 10 metres long or longer

Electric extension cable, 5-10 metres, various electric plug/socket adapters as per your equipment requirements.

Joystick or Yoke, Throttle Quadrant, Rudder Pedal system, and any other instruments and controls you desire.

Headset with microphone.


Other Items



Pencil and paper, note pad and pen

File for papers, charts etc